Owyhee River Ranch is a 40-acre property that extends eastward over the Owyhee River across Black Willow Creek and westward up the hill above Owyhee Lake Road. Come and enjoy countless days of sun with occasional wind gusts, rain, and a little snow—just to keep it interesting. 

The Property

Feel free to wander the property. Discover something new every time. There are various paths down to the river or you may choose to head up the hill for a great view of this section of the river bend. We are solar powered, with a hefty back-up generator. The house and hooch are propane heated and the property has its own well providing refreshing, quality soft water.

The Hooch

The Hooch is the gathering place. It functions as the dining room, social hall, TV room, office with wifi, or just a relaxing place to hang out. There is a full bath and stocked kitchen. All meals are served at the Hooch. You have 24-hour access, so if you feel like a midnight snack, just help yourself. Grab and go snacks and beverages are available for your convenience. The hooch also has a great wood burning stove.