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Introducing your Hosts

Welcome to our slice of paradise!  Alex and Jenni live on site with their three children.  In addition to the BNB, Owyhee River Ranch is a family-owned working farm.  There's nothing else like it! Alex and Jenni relocated to Nyssa, Oregon from Eagle, ID in spring 2022. 

A message from Alex and Jenni...

We are fairly easy going and low-touch, allowing you to experience the Canyonlands in peace. We are generally on-site tending to our duties, but are available if you need anything. Just holler. We will make every effort to ensure a quality experience.

Be aware that we have two dogs on premises, Scarlet and Elway. 

Note: The Ranch is surrounded by thousands of acres of farms and BLM land. There are bugs, wildlife (snakes, raccoons, coyotes, and more), and free-range cattle so please be aware and come knowingly.

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Welcome to Owyhee River Ranch (pronounced oh-WYE-hee) which is 5 miles into the north end of the Owyhee Canyon. The 40-acre Ranch is 2 miles past Snively Hot Springs, about 9 miles before the Owyhee Dam. Here, you will enjoy a unique, remote country experience right on the Owyhee River, recognized for its world-class brown trout fishing. The Owyhee Canyonlands have much to offer for outdoor adventures including amazing hiking, fascinating geology, off-road adventure, and a serene writer’s paradise.


Stay in Eastern Oregon’s high desert, where cattle roam free, night skies are star-filled, and peace and quiet are the norm. Owyhee River Ranch is the ultimate escape that puts you at arm’s length from miles of trout-filled riverfront in a breathtaking canyon.

The Ranch is perfect for singles, pairs, or small groups. Guests have several room options and access to a kitchen and dining area. BBQ's, continental breakfast and snack options are included.


Take time away from your hectic life and enjoy the peaceful Owyhee Canyon.

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